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The FLEXX Waist Trainer


The FLEXX Waist Trainer aka The Waist Trimmer

Have you been trying to to lose that tummy and slim your waist? Well we have just the thing for you, The FLEXX Band. This product allows for a safe way to slim your waist and your abdominal area while exercising. Helps filter toxic fluids in the abdominal area and help reduce belly fat.

The soft, thin, light, flexible, durable materials make this FLEXX Waist Trimmer a must have! This helps users feel comfortable in their skin. It is excellent for training with high intensity sports and fitness.


1.Durable adjustable, conformable, and practical 
2.Various size/color/shape/design 
3.Quick lead time with excellent quality 
4.Simple, and convenient to use anywhere anytime. 


*Disclaimer: Customer is solely responsible for adjusting waist band to their comfortability. Results vary from person to person. If unsure, please consult with a medical professional before purchase.

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