Xavier Williams, the CEO and founder of FLEXX, a 24 year-old Upper Marlboro, Maryland native. In 2016 as a college sophomore with a dream at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to be a professional boxer, Xavier created FLEXX to Success LLC (FLEXX) with the vision that no matter what background, current situation, or current dream you have; success is the only way. His vision is to encourage society to take the "leap of faith" as he did with chasing and manifesting his dreams.  "Fear Limits Exxcellence"(FLEXX) .This concept resonates with many successful business owners, celebrities, and innovators internationally. From the 9 year old kid who is a dreamer to the 70 year old who thinks it's too late to chase their dreams. FLEXX to Success is the the bridge connecting physical & mental health through our apparel and accessories.